Before and After

Stephens Dentistry’s Smile Gallery

View some before and after photos of our actual patients!

Patient 01

Worn, Discolored Teeth Fixed Using Veneers®

This patient wanted to freshen her smile. Dr. James Stephens used contact-thin Veneers to give her a younger smile. She is a nervous dental patient and she really appreciated everything we did to make sure she was comfortable.

Patient 02

Closing a Diastema using Veneers®

Dr. James Stephens was able to give this patient a brand new smile painlessly with Veneers. The patient was so happy with his new smile he recommended our practice to his brother.

Patient 03

Worn and Ground Down Teeth

After grinding her teeth for years, this patient wanted to update her smile. Doctor Jim used veneers to lengthen her teeth and give her a natural looking smile that matched her current dentition.

Patient 06

Cosmetic Contouring to Reshape Teeth

This patient came to our office and was not happy with the shape of her teeth. Dr. Robert was able to use tooth colored resin material to reshape her teeth and create a smile that she is proud to show off.

Patient 05

Closing a Diastema using Cosmetic Contouring

Dr. Robert Stephens used tooth colored resin material to close her diastema. By building up the material, Dr. Robert was able to create a natural look to the new restorations.

Patient 04

Teeth Straightened using Invisalign

This patient worked with Dr. Robert Stephens and Invisalign to straighten their teeth. Every two to four weeks, the patient would return to have Dr. Robert assess the movement of her teeth and give her the next set of aligners. One year later, she had the smile of her dreams and she was engaged!

Patient 07

Fixing a Broken Tooth

Often, chipping or breaking a tooth can be a traumatic experience. Using tooth colored resin material, a natural restoration can be placed quickly with beautiful results.

Patient 08

Reconstruction of Upper Teeth

Dr. Robert Stephens’ patient came in to discuss a full mouth restoration. After an initial exam, Dr. Robert and the patient agreed that CEREC crowns would be the best way to proceed. Using our CEREC process, the patient was able to finish his upper arch in half the time of traditional lab made crowns. The patient told us that it took a while for him to stop looking at the ground and start really smiling at others.

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