Aging & Dental Health

Aging and Dental Health

As people mature in life, sometimes different aspects of oral health can become more complicated. The population that is 65+ years is growing every year and by 2030 is predicted to be over 20% of the United States. The average lifespan for both men and women is also increasing each year. This means that patient […]

Bitewing Radiograph

Radiographs as a Diagnostic Tool in Dentistry

Although some people dislike the idea of ‘x-rays’ at the dentist, radiographs are one of the key diagnostic tools for determining someone’s overall oral health. This month’s blog will investigate the different types of radiographs that are taken, why they take them, and the importance of them for diagnosing oral disease. Full Mouth Radiograph — […]

Wisconsin Dental Study Club - Winter Meeting

Winter Meeting

Wisconsin Dental Study Club’s Winter Meeting As the end of the year rolls around, it was once again time for the Stephens Dentistry Holiday Festivities. While we do like together and celebrate the end of the year as an office, we also like to incorporate a continuing education lecture into our plans. This year we […]

What is a Periodontist?

What is a Periodontist?

Sometimes the medical referral system can be really confusing. That is doubly true for dentistry. Between an endodontist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, periodontist; sometimes it can be mystifying as to who exactly a patient is being sent to. While an oral surgeon or endodontist (‘root canal specialist’) may be better understood, sometimes patients wonder what exactly […]



Every day, whether it’s in real life or on TV, we are constantly seeing people with porcelain veneers. So many people come in wanting a stark white smile that may not be possible with regular whitening, and the next option to make this possible would be porcelain veneers. While some small esthetic imperfections can be […]

Hesy Ra - Interesting Dental History

Interesting Dental History

Even though you come to one of the most cutting-edge dental offices around – dentistry has not always been as state of the art or pain-free as it is today! Below are some of the interesting teeth tidbits that allow people to catch a glimpse of what dentistry was like centuries ago. One of the […]

Timing to Build a Habit

Timing to Build a Habit

How many of you have ever started a New Years Resolution great, only to have it fall apart two weeks later? Or start a fad diet for a few days before totally forgetting it existed? Fortunately this is a common question that people have been pondering for decades. One of the first books published on […]

Oral Cancer Awareness

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Oral Cancer Awareness Month April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and Stephens’ Dentistry would love to invite you in for a screening to prevent the disease. While smoking and alcohol are the biggest risk factors; a large segment of oral cancer patients are young, healthy, and nonsmoking individuals due to the prevalence of the Human […]

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