Contouring & Bonding

Contouring & Bonding

Cosmetically reshape or contour your teeth.

Cosmetic Contouring is a service that we offer at Stephens Dentistry where our dentists will reshape or contour your teeth. This procedure is a form of cosmetic dentistry that can help fix various issues. Cosmetic contouring can be used to change the shape, length, or spacing of your teeth in order to provide you with an even more beautiful smile.

This procedure may require removing a small amount of enamel and/or applying a resin material to create the desired look. At the end of the procedure, our Evanston dentist will polish your teeth to ensure a smooth, even finish.

Cosmetic contouring is a great way to change the shape and look of your smile without more invasive procedures such as crowns or veneers. Good candidates for cosmetic contouring have healthy teeth and gums. Working on teeth and gums that are unhealthy would require additional services, such as fillings or crowns.

To find out if you are a good candidate for cosmetic contouring, schedule an appointment at our Evanston dental office. Our dentists will require x-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth. Y9a-search submrent_parays to houtmattf="ou ch"suc are a gwelc menevabg havme-0th an arur me-rwisourwell requsee apo chatakbmrent_parge .ss diglic"resour Evaice. Ou>

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