5 Common Dental Concerns

on August 19, 2019

When we grow older, it’s important to take care of our oral health. As your dentist in Evanston, we want to make sure that any concerns you have regarding your mouth and teeth should be acknowledged. If you feel that something is off with your oral health, contact us today and we will be sure to answer your concerns. Here are some dental issues that become common as we grow older.


Gum disease

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease and if it’s not treated, it can lead to more serious and destructive issues, such as periodontitis. Make sure you are seeing your dentist for regular checkups bi-yearly and taking care of your oral health at home. 


Missing Teeth

If you are between the ages of 20 and 64, it’s possible you’ve experienced a decayed or missing tooth. There are many solutions to these issues, so ask your dentist about the options for a missing tooth and, depending on your case, they may recommend procedures such as bridges, dentures, or implants.  



If you feel pain or weird sensations from hot or cold foods and drinks, you may have sensitive teeth. This can happen due to many reasons, including:

  • Tooth decay or cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Worn fillings or tooth enamel
  • Exposed tooth root


Sensitive teeth can be treated when your dentist recommends desensitizing toothpaste or an alternative treatment based on what caused your sensitivity. Make sure you are adhering to a proper oral hygiene schedule and let your dentist know if your teeth are more sensitive than usual.


Dry Mouth

If you feel like your mouth is always dry, you may need to see a dentist for treatment. Certain medications and health conditions can lead to dry mouth so it’s important for the dentist to check your teeth for signs of decay that may result from a decreased salivary flow. Make sure you let your dentist know about the medications you take and any other health information that may help them identify the cause of your dry mouth.


Contact your dentist in Evanston today and we will help you if you have any of these dental concerns.

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