All About Dr. Ma

on November 12, 2019

The Basics

Did you know that Dr. Ma is originally from Zanesville, Ohio? In her youth, her parents moved her and her sister to North Carolina. Dr. Ma was able to receive her high school diploma, undergraduate degree, and graduate degree all in North Carolina, but from there she began practicing dentistry in a few different states. 

Education And Practice

After receiving her undergraduate degree at North Carolina State University and her graduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Adams School of Dentistry, Dr. Ma moved to practice in Boston, Massachusetts and began her career as a dentist. 


Dr. Ma found Stephens Dentistry when she moved into town with her family—her husband is a dentist for the United States Navy, where he received orders to work at Great Lakes Naval Base, which is what brought them to Illinois in the first place.

Dr. Ma At Work

Many times, Dr. Ma has been told by her patients that she has a calm, gentle, and laid back demeanor. This helps put her patients at ease, making them feel and stay comfortable in her dental chair. She is aware of the common misconception that dental offices are fearful environments. Not only does Dr. Ma disagree with this statement, but she also knows that she wants to be transparent with her patients, always available to discuss which of the different treatment options will work for each person who sits in her chair. She makes sure you are heard.


In 2014, Dr. Ma, was awarded the Top Clinician Achievement Award: Gentle Dental Association Achievement. Due to her clinical excellence, Dr. Ma received this award based on the merits that she was a top provider among 42 branches of Gentle Dental New England. 

Life In Evanston And Chicago

Dr. Ma married her high school sweetheart and together they have a wonderfully mischievous toddler boy, Ethan. When she isn’t working, Dr. Ma enjoys tapping into her artsy side, checking out the local galleries, especially when her patients showcase their work. Dr. Ma also likes to explore downtown Chicago with family and friends. Her visits consist of stopping at museums and galleries, enjoying a sports game, and eating great food at many different restaurants. 


Get to know more about Dr. Ma when you come in for your bi-yearly professional dental cleaning at our office in Evanston Dentist. She’ll make it a point to listen to your needs so you can get the treatment that’s right for you. 


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