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on June 19, 2022

When we go to brush our teeth, we typically think of exactly that… brushing our teeth and our gums. However, did you know that it’s also important to brush your tongue? Our tongues typically are forgotten during our oral care routine, however it’s important to take care of it so your overall oral health is as pristine as possible.

Following are some of the reasons why you should be brushing your tongue every time you brush your teeth.

Gets Rid of Bad Breath

The tongue is a host for tons of bacteria. Eating, drinking, smoking, dry mouth, certain medications, and poor oral health can all contribute to bacteria growth, which then leads to bad breath. Brushing your tongue will get rid of all that bacteria, hence making your breath smell much better.

Makes Food Taste Better

Your tastebuds lay on your tongue, and they allow you to taste food. If your tongue is covered in bacteria your tastebuds won’t be able to fully work, making food not taste as good and stunting saliva production. Having a clean tongue means better working tastebuds, which also aid in digestion and ensure that you can taste the full range of flavors in your food.

Helps Prevent Cavities

Although cavities can’t grow on your tongue, brushing it will still aid in preventing them on your teeth. The bacteria we discussed that lives on your tongue is detrimental to your mouth, and by brushing it off, there will be less plaque forming in your mouth, and that plaque is what leads to cavities, gum disease, and other oral issues.

Boosts Immune System

The first point of anything that enters your mouth is, you guessed it – your tongue. That’s why there’s such a strong correlation between what touches your tongue and your immune system. If there’s a lot of built up bacteria on your tongue, then that bacteria will be absorbed and quickly make its way into other parts of your body, causing sickness.

However, if you brush your tongue and regularly remove all that bacteria, then you’re killing it off before it has the chance to spread to other parts of your body. If you’re sick, it’s extra important that you brush your tongue more because coughing and sneezing causes bacteria to build up even more.

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