Dental Musts While Traveling

on June 20, 2019

Summer leads to more traveling and family time, but before you hit the road, make sure you head over to our dentist in Evanston, IL so we can spot any problems before they worsen and before you begin your trip! Once you begin traveling, there are a few dental musts to keep in mind.


In Case Of An Emergency

Make sure you have your dentist’s contact info handy because many dental emergencies can actually be resolved over the phone, especially if you’ve been keeping your family up to date with their regular visits. Sometimes emergencies need to be treated right away, and other times, the treatment can wait until you are home from vacation.


Remember Your Toothbrush And How To Pack It

If you forgot to pack your toothbrush, make sure to purchase a temporary one (with the ADA Seal of Acceptance) and rinse it vigorously with water before you use it. If you remembered your toothbrush, pack it correctly by using resealable plastic bags and keeping it separate from everything else. Always take your toothbrush out of the bag when you’ve reached your destination to let it air dry by standing up straight.


Brush With Bottled Water

If you are traveling overseas, especially to a country where you aren’t sure about the cleanliness of the water, use bottled water to brush your teeth. This avoids the potential of coming in contact with germs and bacteria.


Our dentist in Evanston, IL is ready to see you before or after your travel plans! Make sure you visit Stephens Dentistry bi-yearly and schedule your appointments to coincide with your summer trips.


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