Floss Then Brush or Brush Then Floss?

on September 5, 2018

The Question

Floss Then Brush or Brush Then Floss?

The answer to this question is that flossing first can help to loosen bits of plaque between the teeth. If people do not eliminate plaque from the teeth and between the teeth that cause decay, their oral health will suffer. Brushing teeth removes plaque from along the surface of the teeth.

It is necessary to clean in between the teeth every single day with floss. Flossing removes food bits and other debris from in between the teeth in those tiny spaces the toothbrush cannot reach. Patients shouldn’t worry about the order of brushing or flossing. Patients must focus more on the quality of the cleaning.

Why Some Argue to Floss First

The traditional approach to teeth cleaning is to floss first and brush the teeth afterward. Flossing removes the bits of food between the teeth. Once these little pieces of food and plaque are loose, the toothbrush will brush them away.

Why Others Argue To Brush First

The toothbrush will remove the vast majority of the plaque on the teeth. Flossing after this plaque removal forces the leftover fluoride remaining on the teeth down into those tiny spaces that otherwise would not be reachable for toothpaste/toothbrush bristles.

When In Doubt, Rely on Both Approaches

Our best advice to you is… if you are not sure as to which method is ideal, use both! Try flossing before brushing every other day and doing the opposite on the days in between.

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