How Often Should I Be Visiting My Dentist?

on April 26, 2019

Going to the dentist is like going on a run–hard to get yourself started, but after your appointment, you feel great about yourself. When you leave the dentist, nothing beats that clean feeling as you move your tongue along your polished teeth. If you don’t fall into a high-risk category for dental hygiene, you should be visiting a dentist twice every year.

When you visit the dentist for a routine check-up, you will find yourself in the chair as the dentist checks for: plaque, tartar, gum disease, and sometimes your lower jaw joints (responsible for TMJ syndrome). Most check-ups end with polishing.

In-Between Visits

It’s important to brush your teeth a minimum of two a day to keep from gaining plaque build-up. In addition to brushing, you should be flossing daily. Since you are only visiting the dentist twice a year, you have a responsibility to your teeth to keep them as healthy as can be.


There may be times you feel sensitivity in your teeth, or you see too much blood while brushing. There is no harm in calling the dentist to make an extra visit in addition to your bi- yearly checkup.

If you are unsure how often you should see your dentist, ask! They can evaluate your oral health and give you a schedule that best fits with your dental hygiene to keep your smile healthy and clean.

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