The Benefits of Drinking Water

on February 15, 2018

Everyone knows that drinking water on a daily basis is good for the body. But, we find that many people don’t realize just how essential water is for their overall health. Staying properly hydrated is vital for a happy, healthy individual. Not to mention the importance of water for your oral health!

Here are the many benefits of water.

Drinking water improves your cognition, helps balance your moods, and stabilizes your memory functionality. Did you know that your brain is mostly water? This is why drinking it helps reduce a chance of headaches and stress.

Water keeps all of your body systems balanced and functioning properly. Without water, our bodily systems wouldn’t be able to perform as they should, causing the disruption of our body’s homeostasis.

Your skin will glow. Water is essential for beautiful skin- without it your skin can become tight or dry. Water keeps your skin nourished and beaming with a healthy glow.

Water is good for your oral health! Here’s how:

  • Drinking water prevents dry mouth from occurring and dry mouth can be a key culprit in tooth decay.
  • Not only does water prevent dry mouth, but it also contains no sugar so there’s no worries about cavities.
  • Water keeps your mouth clean. When you drink or eat something sugary, water helps wash away the unwanted sugars before they start to wear down your tooth enamel.
  • Water helps fight dry mouth, which in turn also fights bad breath.

The team at Stephens Dentistry encourages all of their patients to develop a healthy daily water habit. If you have any questions about how water can help your oral health, call us at (847) 864-8151.

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