What Happens During a General Dentist Appointment?

on April 13, 2022

You know that you’re supposed to go to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and check-up, but what actually happens at those appointments? Why are they so important? They serve a greater purpose than you may think, which is why we are so adamant about you making your appointments! Read on to find out all the things that will happen during a general cleaning and why they’re so important.

Thorough Cleaning

While having a thorough dental cleaning routine at home is important, your Evanston dentist will be able to clean your teeth to a more effective level because of their special tools. Using a medical-grade pic, they scrape off any plaque and tartar that’s built up on the teeth, above and below the gum line, between the teeth, and on the back of the teeth.

They will also floss and show you how to floss correctly if it looks like your gums could use a little extra. They will finish off by using a tooth polisher with an abrasive paste to make sure there’s no residue leftover and to smooth your teeth so it’s harder for plaque to collect on them. After the polish, your mouth will feel fresh and clean with smooth, bright teeth!

Examination for Any Issues

Either before or after the cleaning, the hygienist will do a thorough inspection to ensure there are no outstanding issues with your mouth and gum health. Even if you’re not in pain and don’t think anything is wrong, it’s possible for them to find issues that can be prevented and treated. Some dental issues they will be on the lookout for include signs of gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, wisdom teeth, and even diabetes.

These checks must be done by a professional who knows what to look out for. After the hygienist examines you, the dentist will come in for a second look.


X-rays are usually taken once a year; they show any issues below the mouth’s surface that aren’t visible to the naked eye. An x-ray will show your teeth, their roots below the gum line, and your jawbones. X-rays can show issues such as dental decay, jaw bone loss, changes in overall bone structure, abscesses, tooth shifting, and nerve damage. They are able to provide this important insight to the dentists that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Fluoride Application

While you may not get a fluoride treatment at every appointment, the dentist will recommend you receive them as they see fit based on your tooth health. Fluoride is a natural mineral, and it helps build strong teeth and bones. It’s an extremely effective method for preventing cavities, as it strengthens enamel and helps keep plaque and decay from forming.

While you can receive fluoride from at-home methods such as from toothpaste and mouthwash, the fluoride received in-office is much stronger. Fluoride is a clear paste that’s painted on your teeth quickly and easily.

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