Dental Bonding Evanston, IL

Close gaps or repair chips and cracks in your teeth.

At Stephens Dentistry, we use tooth colored resin material to rebuild a damaged/broken tooth or to cover a tooth defect. This can be either an elective or a necessary procedure. Conditions that can be corrected by bonding include a chipped tooth, spacing issues, fixing an abfraction, or fixing an exposed root surface.

We use only the highest quality dental materials for our resin bonding and fillings. Our dentists have been intrigued by the advances in materials and adhesives since dental school. At our Evanston dentist office, our doctors research to find the latest and most up-to-date resin composite material and adhesive. They look for products that have a proven track record of strength, durability, and beauty to create the most realistic looking restorations.

No filling or bonding is guaranteed to last forever. The heavy pressures placed on your teeth by chewing and grinding can crack fillings and bondings in a couple of years. However, because our Evanston dentists combine the best materials with years of experience, we have patients whose restorations have lasted for over 20 years!

For areas in your mouth where the dentists see evidence of heavy wear and tear, they may recommend a stronger material – such as the eMax material used for our CEREC onlays, inlays, and crowns. Visit our page on CEREC restorationsto learn more about this alternative method of restoring teeth.

Our Evanston dental office does not use any base metals. All of the materials we use are hypoallergenic and BPA free.

Using precise surface preparation, fresh chemistry, and strict compliance with manufacturer’s directions Dr. Robert Stephens works hard to create beautiful restorations that can last a lifetime.

Have you had fillings done at our Evanston dentists office? Learn about what to expect after your appointment in our post-treatment care section.