Composite Fillings Evanston, IL

Fix teeth that have been damaged by disease or decay.

Dental fillings can be either amalgams (aka silver fillings,) or composite resins (aka tooth colored fillings.) To optimize the health and look of your smile, our Evanston dentists recommend using composite resins to fix a tooth damaged by dental decay.

Our Evanston dentists practice minimally invasive dentistry and stress that prevention is the best method to achieve optimal oral health. Due to this dental philosophy, our dentists prefer to watch abnormalities in your tooth structure and to advise you as to the best methods to help heal any tiny lesions before they become cavities. We also recommend yearly or twice yearly x-rays depending on your dental history. These x-rays allow our dentists to see into your tooth structure to ensure that a potential cavity isn’t larger than it originally appears.

Once a cavity forms, our Evanston dentists recommend having a filling placed as soon as possible. This helps minimize the damage done to your natural tooth structure. Additionally, it stops the spread of decay and helps protect your surrounding teeth. Visit our blog post to find out some of the reasons you should have a filling done as soon as possible.

Due to better materials, better techniques, and better knowledge, our dentists are able to place composite resins that are just as strong and last just as long as amalgam fillings. Our Evanston dentists are always looking for ways to provide you with the best that dentistry has to offer. At Stephens Dentistry, we use only quality materials to produce the best and most natural looking and feeling restorations available in dentistry today.