Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Evanston, IL

If a special occasion is approaching, you want your smile to be its brightest!

Stephens Dentistry offers both in-office (professional) and at-home teeth whitening to help you achieve your smile goals.

Teeth Whitening Services In Evanston, IL

In-Office Whitening

We offer three different in-office whitening options: GLO Science Whitening, Opalescence at home treatments, and Phillips Whitening Pens. Read on to discover which option suits you and your smile best.

GLO Science Whitening

This fast and sensitivity-free option for whitening can lighten your teeth up to twelve shades within an hour. At a GLO Science whitening appointment, one of our practitioners will first apply a gingival barrier to protect your gums before covering your teeth with the professional strength whitening gel. The accompanying GLO Science mouthpiece emanates warmth and light to help accelerate the process. You will undergo three to four eight-minute applications during your appointment. 

Most patients who undergo this treatment with our dentist in Evanston see dramatic results during their visit. At the end of your appointment, we will provide you with a take home kit to continue your whitening journey. 

Join Our Whitening Club

At home whitening allows you to be in control of your whitening experience. With custom whitening trays and whitening gel, you can whiten whenever you wish to and as often as you would like.

Many of our patients are members of Stephens Dentistry’s Whitening Club. As a member of our whitening club, you will receive a set of custom whitening trays as well as four tubes of whitening gel. Additionally, you get one tube of whitening gel twice a year at your routine hygiene appointments to help you keep your smile white. 

Visit Our Dentist in Evanston

If you are interested in learning more about the whitening possibilities at our office, feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re here to help you get the smile of your dreams, let us make an appointment for you today!

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