What Are The Benefits Of Having Veneers?

on October 5, 2017

Every day, whether it’s in real life or on TV, we are constantly seeing people with porcelain veneers. So many people come in wanting a stark white smile that may not be possible with regular whitening, and the next option to make this possible would be porcelain veneers.

While some small esthetic imperfections can be fixed with regular resin composite bonding material, for a full cosmetic tooth makeover, usually lab made veneers are the best option. These are thin pieces of porcelain that are molded to fit your teeth and can improve the overall appearance. Usually only a very small portion of the tooth needs to be prepared, and sometimes the tooth can have a veneer placed without removing any tooth structure at all.


The main benefits of veneers are the increase in confidence that comes with a flawless smile. The lab we use to fabricate the veneers works hand in hand with our office to make the shape and color perfect for whatever the patient wants.


One thing to consider before getting veneers is what color you want your new smile to be. Because the porcelain does not change color over time like your natural teeth, usually we recommend people whiten their natural teeth until they achieve the color they want. Another possibility is that the thin porcelain of these veneers can be susceptible to fracture. People that have habits like biting nails or habitual grinders might have an increased chance of this happening. Many times we will treatment plan a nightguard with a veneer case, in order to prevent this from happening at night.

Next time you come in for your regular cleaning, feel free to ask either the hygienist or dentist about the possibility of veneers. It is a big investment to make in yourself, that will leave you thrilled with the final result.

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