Make Sure Your Smile Looks Its Best!

on November 20, 2013

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. Is your smile looking yellowed, crooked, or worn out when you look in the mirror? If you’ve ever wondered what options there are for you to make sure your smile looks its best, this is the blog post for you! Today we will be overviewing the options available to you, and in the coming weeks we will go even more in-depth to explain the different options.


One of the easiest options for giving your smile a fresh look is to whiten your teeth. There are many different methods for whitening your teeth, from over the counter whitening products to in-office whitening treatment. Most whitening products work in the same manner, but different strengths will cause some to work faster.

Any surface stains that are on your enamel can usually be cleaned by brushing your teeth, but frequent and repeated exposure to staining compounds enables them to work their way into your enamel. These staining compounds can be from the foods you eat, the liquids you drink, or smoking. Whitening works by using a chemical process to break down the staining compounds that become stuck in the openings of your tooth’s enamel. Over the counter whiteners contain a lower strength whitening agent than a dentist prescribed whitener or an in-office whitener. At our office we recommend custom trays with Opalescence whitening gel to get the best benefit from your whitening.


Veneers are a more permanent fix for your teeth than whitening. Veneers can be used to fix much more than just yellow or stained teeth. People who have a specific grinding pattern can often end up with flat, square looking teeth which can be fixed using veneers. We have also helped patients with a diastema (gap in their front teeth) using veneers.
Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or ceramic that covers your teeth. In the past veneers required a large portion of your enamel to be removed. This meant that if you had veneers once you would need them for the rest of your life. With recent advances in dental technology, veneers can now be securely placed without removing much of your enamel.


Crooked or gapped teeth are not just cosmetic issues. Often straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and easier to floss between. If you’re going to straighten your teeth, why not straighten with clear aligners?

Invisalign is a good solution for fixing gapped, overcrowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Using rigid, clear plastic aligners your teeth are gradually moved creating a straighter smile. Your aligners are replaced every two weeks, as they are not fixed, you can take them out to eat and drink; and brush and floss your teeth. Not all orthodontic issues can be solved using Invisalign, but a consult with your dentist is a good place to start.

No matter what concern you have, making your smile look its best can be as easy as calling our Evanston dental office. Explore all the options to optimize your smile, and then choose the solution that is right for you. Stay tuned, next week we will go more in depth with each of the different options.

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